J&M Painting

Protecting our clients and crews is our first priority.

Full compliance and a stellar record.

For every project, we hold on-site daily safety checks and weekly safety meetings to ensure that all policies and procedures are being followed.


At J&M Painting, we take safety seriously. Our philosophy is to incorporate safety throughout every aspect of our projects and provide our crews the tools they need to be productive and safe. We implement a site-specific safety plan for every project as a means of protecting our crews, our clients, the job site and any traffic in the areas we work around. Our Safety Plan will be furnished upon request.

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We're pleased to have maintained an excellent safety record during our nearly 30 years in the painting business with a low MOD rating furnished upon request.

J&M Painting is completely OSHA compliant, with a written injury and illness prevention plan that is reviewed and revised every year, in both English and Spanish. We also keep proper OSHA safety logs and provide our employees with a written drug and alcohol policy to maintain a drug-free workplace.